Los padres y proveedores pueden usar estos artículos y recursos sin fines de lucro para ayudar a apoyar el desarrollo de un niño.

Birth to 3 Years

Parent HelpLine
Find parenting resources and support.
Reading Your Child's Cues
Babies and young toddlers communicate through crying, sounds and gestures. Learn what key signs are telling you.
Text4Baby app for prenatal through baby's first year
A personalized app from the CDC that promotes health, safety, and learning prenatal through age one year.
Learn the Signs. Act Early
Free materials and information about early child development.
Zero to Three parent tips and learning activities
Web pages and videos on a variety of topics (Positive parenting, sleep, play and more.)
Zero to Three App for fun activities
Another free app similar to Vroom.
CDC Milestones Tracker App
Learn what each milestone looks like. Track your child's milestones from age 1 months to 5 years.

1 month to 5 years

Vroom App for fun actvities
A free app that takes everyday moments and turns them into fun and easy learning activites.
Developmental Milestones
Learn the signs. Act early! Developmental milestones matter! Milestones in early childhood and lots of resources.
Parenting Counts Developmental Timeline
Timeline for typical development, birth through 5 years.
Tips and handouts on teaching social skills
Resources and tip sheets on a variety of topics related to youngchildren's social emotional development (how to gain cooperation,biting, independence in daily routines).
Tips and handouts on behavior
The Back Pack Connection offers useful handouts for commonbehavior problems with young children and how to teach skills that willbenefit you and your child.
Understanding Dyslexia in Your Child
You may not yet know if your child has dyslexia. But the more you understand about this common learning difference, the better you can support your child.
Comprender la dislexia en su hijo
Usted puede que aún no sepa si su hijo tiene dislexia. Sin embargo, mientras más conozca sobre esta diferencia del aprendizaje, mejor podrá ayudarlo.

All Ages

Parent HelpLine
Find parenting resources and support.
Together Counts healthy living resources
Resources that promote healthy living, meal planning, and physical fitness for the whole family.
Head Start Health and Safety
Handouts about health and safety, depression, behavior and more.
Head Start / Go Smart
Fun games and activities to promote physical actvities.
Bright Futures for Families
From AAP, information and handouts on childrens health including well child visits.
Tips for ages 6 to 8 years
Handout of strategies to help with development in ages 6 to 8 years.
Head Start Children's Books
These resources target Head Start teachers and families.However, there are some great handouts and resources about choosingbooks that talk about feelings. See Book Guides tab.
Next Steps After Screening
A handout for parents. Recommended follow up actions parents can do at any time.
What is developmental delay?
Learn about the difference between "a little behind" and "delay" in early child development.
What is Early Intervention?
Brief description of the national cost free system for families with children ages birth to 5 years who may need services to support early development.
Where to find Early Intervention in your community, ages 3 to 5 years
Contact your local school district, and/or see links on this page
Where to find Early Intervention in your community
To find your provider program for ages birth to 3 years, on this page, scroll down to find your state

Family Information

NAEYC for Families
Resources for parents include a parenting blog, free children's music, how to find high quality childcare, and other topics.
Parent training and groups for parents of children with disabilities
This website provides links to local Parent Training Information Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers.
PTA resources for parents
Topics include health and safety, kindergarten transition, education and more.
National Center for Family Learning
Topics range from healthy eating & child friendly recipes to reading and family traditions. Resources in English and Spanish.