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The Ages & Stages Questionnaires™ (ASQ) are used to screen young children in ages 1 month to 6 years to help determine if a young child's development is on schedule – or if further evaluation may be needed. It is also used to help parents together with providers, learn more about a child's strengths and areas that may need support.

  • The ASQ is easy to fill out, and can be completed by parents and caregivers who know a child well. Caregivers who wish to complete an ASQ for a child should have parent consent and review results together with parent.
  • We are currently gathering data on a new and revised ASQ-4 Research Version so we can improve our early intervention efforts and make sure we remain accurate in identifying children who may need further supports.
  • As a research version, ASQ-4 results are preliminary. We are updating and improving our findings as we gather data. Please contact us if you have concerns about your child's results.

ASQ-3 is widely used by childcare providers, health care providers and Pre-Kindergarten education settings across the U.S. to check early development in young children. First published by Paul Brookes Publishing Company in 1995, the ASQ is now the most widely used screening tool in the world.

We welcome comments on how we can improve our ASQ-4 and this website.

Jane Squires & Diane Bricker
ASQ-4 Research Team
Paul Brookes Publishing Co